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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Some litmags with new issues out or under public construction:

For the second year now Ars Interpres has two issues out simultaneously. The print versions of issues 4 & 5 will be released in october, but the majority of the content went online ten days ago. The issues will contain poems by among many others yours truly, Lasse Söderberg (translated by guess who), Hans C. ten Berge, Sawako Nakayasu, John Kinsella, Petter Lindgren, Michael Speier, Dmitrii Bavilsky, Seamus Heaney & a long Invitation (+ a couple of poems I find less interesting) by Leonard Scwartz

The october 2005 issue, the 28th, of Jacket seems just about complete. As usual it is a horn of plenty, including a feature on George Bowering edited, of course, by rob mclennan, interviews, criticism & poetry

In the 25th issue of Shampoo, which appears to be nearing completion, I found a new really cool poet I'd never even heard of before. The name is Sarah Trott & is to be remembered.

The fourth issue of Factorial is out now, it's one of those mags that seems like a genre unto itself. This new issue seems interesting, full of collaborations & translations, bilingual english/japanese - the previous issue was trilingual with a bit of french thrown in for good measure.

Oh, & Moria has a really worthwhile summer issue which I found rather recently. Also they're starting a series of e-books.