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Friday, January 27, 2006

A mag that arrived in my mail shortly after Ars Interpres was another contributor's copy. This one was the sixth, & presumably last, issue of Rust Buckle (edited by Dustin Williamson, then in Milwaukee) famously known as the after issue. This is a large, skinny, stapled, outstandingly green thing of no more than 18 pages - but some pages - of poets mostly residing in & around Milwaukee, as far as I can tell as there are no bios. So what's to take note of in this lean publication? Well, the things I keep returning to are, for instance; Chuck Stebelton's A Piney Ohio is Inopportune - after Will Oldham, a beautiful fireworks of language & images, Shannon Tharp's As I Leave - after Richard Nixon, from which I draw the following:

office -

as it is -


Catherine Meng's poem after Berryman is a lovely merriment. Dustin Williamson's poem is a really good pastische & Mary Beth Kressin's A Pub in Milwaukee would probably stand on it's own, without knowledge of Allen Ginsberg's A Supermarket in California.
Rust Buckle is unpretentious & local. & an energizing romp through some mid-western poets having a good time


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