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Thursday, August 16, 2007

in my ongoing but sporadic attempt to create a private diplomatic conflict with england (not scotland or wales) we have come to the clowns. the following is a quick translation from my local newspaper. They took it from TT - AFP

English security thinking seems to have put an end to the clown Barney Baloney. First he couldn't use his bubble machine because the children could slip. Then a client forbid him to make pistol-like forms from his balloons because it could encourage violent fantasies in the children - for some reason swords were ok. Now a shopping mall has refused Barney to perform with balloons out of worry that they will trigger allergic reactions in the audience. "Now I don't have a performance left. This country is going mad from its political correctness & talk of health & security. It's making us a laughing-stock", says Baloney who keeps his balloonish stage name for now

anybody wants to go there to try making satire? not me


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