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Saturday, November 10, 2007

being part of the tiny book series is something of a dissident's dream. taste it. fair trade, sustainable farming as a means of fighting poverty, a commercially impossible scale, the zen-lunatic prank that is "handwritten-on demand". i said it before & it bears repeating. we need more eileens & we need them now

on another note. the copies of riot are all gone. & it appears as if is beside the point is sold out

on yet another note we step out of my own weird little world. michael nicoloff. go see if taxt has any copies left of punks. they're free. & still every time i revisit my copy it feels like a slightly different poem. & a good one at that. yes. & coyotes journal has two sweet new pdf-chaps out in their new series. bill deemer's twenty poems & joanne kyger's loose renditions. & finally, some literally moving poems. from bill allegrezza & from karri kokko the first marquee hay(na)ku anthology

& in my ears, sepultura


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