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Thursday, September 04, 2008

i am pleased to announce the new ungovernable press chapbook

JAM> by paul siegell

this is, among other things, a short study in some ways of using the printed page. to the extent where the font size had to be kept small enough not to fuck with the formatting. this is an extended jam-session ranging from WCW-spoofs to political rage. this feels like improvisation but a closer look reveals that it's not. this is

now, on another, but closely related, note as this is the tenth ungovernable book. despite the fact that a 70-30 majority of the writers (mostly poets) i have invited to submit are women, all but one who have yet sent a manuscript in response are men, in fact all but two who have responded at all are. you guessed it

through the open submissions i've received fifteen manuscripts by men & two by women. so, although 5 of the 7 (not counting myself) poets i've published are men that doesn't mean that only men send manuscripts i like, but that almost only men send manuscripts, period

although i'm really happy with each of the books i've had the pleasure of publishing, i'm not happy with this gender imbalance. so, what to do?

maybe this will work

FOR THE REST OF SEPTEMBER I WILL READ OPEN SUBMISSIONS BY WOMEN ONLY. ye unsolicited men will have to wait until october to get my attention

this, of course, doesn't apply to anyone i've invited, who will get my attention as soon as i have time to give it


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