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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Four poems by William Allegrezza are online at luzmag

A poem by Caroline Conway is at the RealPoetikblog (oh, was I ever late in posting that)

The second issue of Fascicle is a horn of plenty. I'm most delighted by the section of chinese poets.

A poem by mIEKAL aND & two poems by Mark Young are new to P.F.S Post

The new issue of MiPoesias is all women. & under it's new poetry editor Amy King, it will be updated when material warrants instead of in fixed issues.

The moria ebook series continues in full flight. The latest addition is Nightbirds by Garin Cycholl. I've only read it through once so far & enjoyed it. Also, don't forget about mindfulness. There are paper copies to be bought.

Tomas Ekström is building a website. He has posted some translations I did of his poems. There are also spanish versions translated by Roberto Mascaro.

& Petrus Andersen has got his english blog going.


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