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Thursday, December 28, 2006

i've been thinking the last week or so about how to write an essay on James Crumley. the notion struck me after having read his latest (or so i think) novel The Right Madness, which put me beneath an avalanche of thoughts & other intellectual debris. more so than the earlier ones i've read. do i try to write it like he writes prose? do i start from the word madness in the title? if so, how does a mad essay behave? like a mad king? like Crumley's prose? what has been written about his work previously? not counting reviews which are usually not mucfh use in this kind of endeavour. the finished piece, how ever it may look, will be posted here, methinks

if you want some more reading, i suggest paper craft by Catherine Daly, just out from moria & Stacy Szymaszek's (google her) mutual aid, now available as a free pdf from g o n g press, the print edition of 125 copies being sold out. two really fine chunks of poetry, a third i just discovered while checking the link is Part First-Chopin's Feet by Mark Tardi. & Craig Dworkin's eclipse is being updated with plenty of yummy stuff. & Tomas Ekström has started a blog with occasional things in english, so far just some poems yours truly translated


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