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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

what spain desperately doesn't need, but is making & therefore deserves, is a completely one-sided "peace process" where ETA & Batasuna are humiliated & forced to accept unacceptable conditions. i see that coming even though most political parties say they want a dialogue. to those who are subjected to spanish political life it's plain to see why. the single most powerful political lobby-group in the country is Victims of Terrorism whose sole aim is to lock up every basque person & throw away the keys. they have the unconditional & complete support of Partido Popular, a rather nasty far right-wing party (who, by the way, were the ones who got spain so deeply tangled up in the assault on iraq) who will sabotage any agreement made with Batasuna. they feel they have that mandate since ETA blew up a parking lot in the Madrid airport on december 30, killing a few cars & two innocent ecuadorians. if PP has their way chances are very real that spain is on the border of civil war. who wants that?


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