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Friday, January 11, 2008

a couple of days ago i received my authors copy (singular) of some hay. this is probably the smallest book i'll ever publish & even more probably the only handwritten-on-demand. & yet there's room for some really cool hay(na)ku drawings by eileen alongside the 24 poems. i'll throw in a poem here just to tempt you

the trap
clap the board

the house behind
the cold

also in the package were two of eileen's own books, the huge i take thee, english, for my beloved & the secret lives of punctuations, vol. 1. i will swimming deep inside them for quite a while, methinks, before i can say anything more coherent about them than READ. & when will vol.2 appear?

in other literary news, the funtime collaboration has gained new momentum

on now to the more absurd. the swedish national football (or soccer, if you prefer) team is going to play a game aginst costa rica in san josé. they made a touchdown in houston to change flights. all the players passed airport security, except behrang safari, who (granted, was born in teheran) has lived in sweden since age 2 & has a swedish passport & was in the company of his employer. he was taken aside & mocked, threatened & interrogated for three hours. which caused him to miss the flight to costa rica. if the u.s government fear & hate people with iranian names that much, why didn't they just surround him & march him off to his connecting flight & make sure he got on it so they were rid of him?
some of the swedes were no better though. three of the players got on a flight to san jose, california. when asked why their reply was that the airport staff spoke such bad english that they couldn't understand what was said. yihaa

in my ears, nomeansno


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