some poetry, politics & what have you

Sunday, November 15, 2009

it's not often i post my own poems here. this is a fairly recent one. what will happen to it i don't know yet

who's for dessert?
one time we were romantic in public
are you going that deep into the desert?
car bomb versus cricket team
do i want to get out of my own medina?
calm perfectly dark surface on that lake
are we somewhere else now?
deporting people to certain disappearance
might that field open to us?
heaven scattered on my trouser legs
can you pass that alley over this way?
if we slap some fines on them
how come there's so little coffee in that milk?
god has not seen fit to call me
how much longer will that stone be yellow?
heavy rain in the mountains
how about the snow?
we know where your pen lives
when will the notion of power become a psychosis?
no means yes means no means