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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Stephen Vincent, who should be no stranger to anyone interested in english-language poetry of recent decades, is doing a really cool thing on his blog. He calls it ghosts & it's a look at San Francisco - his town of choice - in photos & texts, mostly brief poems. The city that takes shape in these posts is that of someone who has lived there a long time & has gotten to know &, as it appears, mostly love it. I will follow this project with great interest & close attention. Also, in may, Shearsman published an e-book of his called Triggers, which I downloaded in early june, a couple of weeks or so before starting this blog. At the time I began a review of/essay on it, which got lost sometime during the summer. As soon as I get access to a pdf-reader again, I will reread it. But the fact that I wanted & started to comment on it is a recommendation in itself to download & read it


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