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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Some random not so lazy thursday notes. First some recently discovered mags. H_ngm_n & Titanic Operas (which includes some poems by Mercedes Roffé in english translations by Janet Greenberg, but why not the original poems & why no bio?) are two more of all these strangely good online mags that seem to just grow out of the ground, how else to explain this proliferation? Grimm Magazine (thanks Jonathan for the link) & Tolling Elves are two print mags. Tolling Elves does smallish one-author issues, along the lines of STANZAS, the difference being that in TE the author (poets, really) is paired with an artist. The poets they've published so far make for really good company. Grimm is more the formally normal mag, printing several authors in each issue, so with them it's in their approach & also, which is apparently rare, that it is widely (whatever that might mean in the world of litmags) distributed both in Canada & the UK. Young Austin, Texas, poet Scott Pierce has a blog with links to, among other thing his two e-chapbooks (as pdf). They are well worth what little space they take up on your computer, as the blog is worth reading quite apart from the links. He also operates Effing Press, one of the really interesting chapbook presses. The e-book series that Moria started late this summer has been off to a flying start with books (also available in print editions) by Jordan Stempleman, Donna Kuhn, Eileen R. Tabios, William Allegrezza &, just a few days ago, Anny Ballardini. Halvard Johnson has two blogs I have returned to with some regularity recently, one is all words & no pictures, the other is all pictures & no words. He is another of those poets I was late to discover. Some really good poetry is easily accessible from his website. Finally a question. What happened to Dustin Williamson, cool poet & editor of Rust Buckle Books & mag? The Rust Buckle blog was taken down & he doesn't reply to emails. Also, a minor thing, I never saw the "after"-issue of Rust Buckle which was my first print publication in english (just two small poems, but anyway). The issue seemed to include some interesting things. Does anybody know what happened to him?


At 6:56 PM, Blogger jonas said...

lars, your poems obviously had a bad influense on mr wiliamson. quite an impact, if you ask me :-)(arrrgh...suddenly got serious hicckups, gottago...)

At 4:06 AM, Blogger Lars Palm said...

wouldn't that be a beautiful thought.

At 6:45 AM, Blogger Dustin said...


Eek! Send me yr current address! I don't have that email anymore. I moved to Brooklyn and have been incredibly forgetful of many things. I promise it will go out the day that you give me an address!

sorry, sorry, sorry.



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