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Friday, October 28, 2005

Some personal geography. Most of this post was written yesterday evening just after sunset (at around eight)sitting on a stone bench looking out across my beach of choice, Alcaravaneras, & the container quays of Puerto de la Luz after a day under overcast skies bringing the, as it turned out vain, promise of rain. By then the clouds were slowly scattering but there was still this damp heat. Alcaravaneras is one of my favourite places in town despite the ceaseless traffic on the Avenida Maritima just a narrow sidewalk away. To me, its merits include that it's a small beach & never crowded with, mostly northern european, tourists & that it's near & looks out onto not only the container quays (an environment the importance of which to me I'm unable to explain in any language) but also the harbour entrance so there's often a ship (mostly freight, some ferries) arriving or departing & being loaded or unloaded. It awakens my life-long dream of going to sea. Well, maybe some day. Ye never can be sure. Yesterday, by the way, I got there just in time to watch MSC Camille - once built in 1970 & named M/S San Francisco as a sister ship to M/S Margaret Johnson (sold to be chopped up in 1987 after surrendering, among many other things her engine & propellers) on which I as a child crossed the oceans, along with my mother, younger brother & father who worked there, from Gothenburg to Harwich (in 1975), Australia (in 1977) & the US west coast (in 1982) - leave the quay & head southeast toward the Ivory Coast or some other country in that region. & that was a long sentence, although maybe not new. & by midnight the damp in the air was gone & the stars were out for a night on the skies. & my room on the roof was filling with the usual high, clear (not necessarily clean) air


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