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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Justin Evans claims to be an untalented poet. Be that how it may, I haven't yet read any of his works. Besides, the concept of talent isn't all that clear to me. On his blog he writes quite a lot about his attempts to place his poems & second chapbook manuscript. This brings me to something I have thought a bit about in recent months; the art of getting your stuff published. The soon past year I have found that fairly easy. From the editors I've so far heard from I've had about 80% acceptances, including chapbook manuscripts (three accepted for publication in the spring, two of them by the first editor I sent them to, one rejected for the best reason possible - "This doesn't work for me" - besides that one wasn't ready to go out into the world as it then stood, & one I'm still waiting for word from the editor about). I'm not writing this to brag (well, not just), but to indicate that I must be doing at least something right. I find it difficult to believe it's because of some great talent. Rather, to me, it's about researching editors to find one who might be interested in the work you want to submit. I'm apparently fairly good at that. For instance, if one writes "rural" poetry, as Justin says he does, one might take a serious look at Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry or Big Bridge, & if they don't seem right, look at the mags & presses they link. Or anyone of ,at a modest estimate, 200 chapbook presses & god knows how many mags in the U.S, Canada, U.K, Australia or New Zeeland, most of which have websites, who just love rural poetry. That's all the mystery there is to it


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