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Friday, December 23, 2005

There has been silence here due to a flurry of activity. Visit from the north, looking for work. & so on. & so forth. Tomorrow is christmas eve, in sweden they celebrate that more than christmas day. It has to do with habits that pre-date the christian cleansling (although, to be fair, the real cleansing didn't take place until the lutherans came to exterminate catholicism). I'm finding it difficult to believe it is christmas. Every year up until this one, christmas has been dark, nightmarishly cold &, in a worst case scenario, snowy. This year I'm greeting christmas in shorts. Today has been mostly cloudy, & the temperature at 23 degrees celsius, with little or no wind & for the last few weeks santas have been climbing up walls, in through windows & onto balconies & terraces. There's no way to get my head around that.
In literary news, Moria accepted my chapbook mindfulness for their e-book series. Will post a link when it's online. The posts for yesterday & today (no, not the exceedingly bad hardrock band of the eighties) on rob mclennans blog are really interesting. Yesterday he wrote about the new book the connection of everyone with lungs by Juliana Spahr & today about /ubu editions & particularly the two books by Deanna Ferguson. Also I recently learned that Kerri Sonnenberg has a blog. A good discovery as she's one of my favourites among the young poets in the U.S


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