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Sunday, January 01, 2006

The law that's in effect as of today that smoking is banned from all work-places seems to be so full of holes as to be, in effect, useless. In the bar where I took my morning coffee there was no noticeable decrease in the number of cigarettes & cigars in use. Walking to Santa Catalina, a ten minute walk, I saw most bars had signs saying they allow smoking. Well, that's how it goes, I suppose, when you make laws you yourself are not so terribly interested in following. Taken to it's extreme, La Ley, as it became known here, would have banned smoking from my room as well, since most of what I do there is read, write & sleep. Hence, a "work"-place.

The beginning of this year, probably february, may also bring the continuation of the recently postponed ludicrous trial against Orhan Pamuk. A trial which is said to be the thread by which the chances for Turkey to even seriously negotiate membership in the E.U. hangs. It's true Turkey has some serious problems with human rights. No more so, but more openly, than any western country. To me there isn't even a question if Turkey should be part of the E.U. Part of it is in europe. & it's a good way to open up to the east &, in the longer run, to the south. What is outright offensive in my eyes, however, is how easily Irsael has been let into europe in, among other things, sports & official cultural events. No questions there, no negotiations. Then, of course, Israel has no problem with human rights, Israel simply pisses on them.

The life of this blog will continue. A series of personal geography started with two parts in october will continue. There will be more reviews of mags & chapbooks, mostly. Both the print & online varieties. The first two will be of Ars Interpres "Two Skies" issue & Stephen Vincents Triggers (Shearsman,2005), they will be posted shortly. Maybe also some more ambitious essays.


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