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Thursday, October 18, 2007

(biotech,) say (what?), a 20-part poem is up at PFS Post. it's always a pleasure taking up some PFS space. in part because of the company, if you haven't i'd suggest browsing the archives. in part because it's one of the strangely few online mags that's open to long poems. which, by the way my own zine skicka is

Friday, October 12, 2007

today the postman brought me a copy of adam fieled's opera bufa. a proper review is in the works for galatea resurrects. for now, all i will say is that this book deserves lots of readers. & that it contains a recurring ton of bricks (which for me is mainly a musical reference, to a great early song so titled by metal church). instead of explaining why i'll post one of the poems


There I was in bed in a toy store. I had a fever.
I was also a girl in the corner who wanted to
get in bed with me. There was a blonde
apparition, a loudmouth, pacing a bit like
Patton. I felt strained from being me and also
being someone else. In retrospect, it seems
strange that no toys were visible. It is also
curious that, in the dream, I happened to be a
famous musician. No determinate ending
presented itself. Patton might've become a
stuffed animal, I can't remember. Something
was said that meant war: don't toy with me.

now, go get it

Friday, October 05, 2007

a few hours ago i printed 40 copies of a folded broadside/minichap containing seven poems & titled riot. i will bring half the run to the poetry festival i'm going to in a few hours, another ten are spoken for, but if you want any of the remaining ones just let me know & i'll email you for your postal address

Thursday, October 04, 2007

ah, the business of poetry.
six poems by Adam Fieled are up at skicka.
&, totally to my surprise, my & Adams short collaboration virtual pinball is the final part of Beams,his new ebook from BlazeVOX. & as he doesn't seem to be marketing it very actively i could also mention his very recent book opera bufa out from otoliths (along, most prominently, with Facings by Jordan Stempleman) & there may or may not be print copies left of his delicious chap Posit & maybe even of Funtime (his collaborative chap with Andrew Lundwall)
finally, for today, the Meritage Press Tiny Books series continues with Speak which by Jill Jones.