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Thursday, June 30, 2005

I knew it. I'm Frank O'Hara. Really, Quizilla told me so & also told me: "You are Frank O'Hara. You are a genious, but your life just keeps getting in the way. You are totally obsessed by bridges and water." Right. I have no problem with being Frank O'Hara, his poems can delight me, what he would say about being me will have to remain uninvestigated.

The rest of this post will be some kind of brief newscast. I'm on the mailing list of an anarchist webmag, & through that I occasionally get bursts of interesting newsitems & relevant links. Today was one of those days of lots of interesting news.
A few days ago, a world tribunal on Iraq was held in Istanbul. On monday, Indymedia Bristol's server was seized by the police. Things are happening in Chiapas. Another one for those of you who read Spanish. Malaysia protests stopped privatization of water.Lastly, for this little burst of news, Canada's parliament has approved a bill to legalise same-sex marriages. Couldn't resist linking to the CIA

Monday, June 27, 2005

There are two main reasons (& several minor ones) for me to start a blog in english. One of the main ones is that my online habits are mostly in english & that most of the people out there can't read swedish. Another important reason might be to promote what I find worthwhile in swedish poetry & possibly post tentative translations of such material. Apart from that, I may just think aloud on poetry, politics & whatever else I care to fit into that equation. At times maybe even some of my own poems will be posted. Comments, of course, are encouraged, although no anonymous ones will be possible