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Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Are you furious in your zen dialectics?"

i don't know many writers, not to mention poets, who could write a phrase like that & get away with it, but laura carter did in


which i'm happy to say is the new ungovernable book

interesting times

adam fieled's when you bit.. due out any day from otoliths landed on my hall floor a few days ago. that philly boy has something cool going


mark young's pelican dreaming (his selection of 49 years of poetry) is flying from california & eileen tabios' wonderful meritage press as we speak

Saturday, August 23, 2008

now, people. i do not want to be flooded with 50 or 60, or more, page manuscripts. but who else but myself can i blame when i invite (yes, ungovernable press is both by invitation & open submissions) a hyperactive poet, editor, publisher & too many other things to mention. & when he sends something as cool as

solids, or, strike out (a suite)

rob mclennan did get away with it. it's now around for your reading &/or downloading pleasure

known future things include chaps by laura carter, roberto mascaró & tomas ekström not necessarily in that order, that depends how smoothly the translations of roberto & tomas go

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

hear ye! hear ye!

ungovernable press strikes again. twofold

channelling voices


from The Pain Itself which is the first few of a 1001-page translation of lorem ipsum

both by kevin mcpherson eckhoff

who will in 2010 have his first big book Rhapsodomancy out with Coach House Books


Thursday, August 14, 2008

tell me, dear reader, what's the point of delaying once you find you want to publish a manuscript someone sends your way? as was the case with

northernmost by brooklyn copeland

which to my delight is available for you all to read &, should you so want, download from ungovernable press

as you may have guessed, more will follow

Monday, August 11, 2008

more ungovernable press news

adam fieled's rubber soul is out

next up; brooklyn copeland (you may read her review of adam's previous beatles album here), kevin mcpherson eckhoff & roberto mascaró

& some sad news

mahmoud darwish has died

Thursday, August 07, 2008

it brings me great pleasure to announce that

christopher rizzo's supposed to sound

is the new chapbook from ungovernable press. when i first read this manuscript some three weeks ago at an internet cafe in banja luka i probably made the persons on neighbouring computers think me mad as i read these poems half-aloud to myself. & now, finally, it's out to roam the world, designed by mr. rizzo himself. & while you're at it you might go to the greying ghost press to check out his recent print chap naturalistless

next up will be adam fieled's new beatles album. after that? well, there are submission guidelines

& yes, everything ungovernable will happen on july 9, 2008